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Traveling on a budget in Japan

Because we all want to save money its a great time to travel to Japan. There are some good deals happening and some really nice places to stay on a budget. Get a JR Rail Pass for foreigners before you go and plan your trip Japan wide. Try and see

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Konya Browser

During a recent artist residency in Konya2023 Fukuoka Japan part of the Travelers Project I was asked to help the collective of studios build a Flash portal to facilitate the rapidly growing number or blog entries and websites that the organisation has. The site uses a custom built search engine

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Ebisu Tokyo Japan Holga Photographs

Here are some photographs shot on my Holga 120GN camera using Kodak 120 VC film. It was a Monday night and had just stopped raining. The subject, colours and textures turned out really nice. I did beef up the shot a little using my Nikon SB800 set to stun! View

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