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Parallax Scollers

There are some pretty neat parallax scrollers out there! Here are a few I’ve come across. Bat for lashes cover story Milwaukee Police 360 Lang Strasse Air Jordan Mercedes-benz All of these are based on this demo

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Scion interactive instal

Juxt Interactive in USA have created a realy nice use for the Micro Soft Surface

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Sguiggle 2.0 RMIT School of Art Gallery

Squiggle RHYS TURNER (AUS) Featuring graphics by DAVROS (AUS) Sound by VLADISLAV DELAY (FIN) And POINT THE BONE (AUS) Squiggle is an ambient multiuser video sculpture. Using a touch device (iPad, iPodTouch, iPhone, TouchPC etc…) visitors help create an interactive video and sound sculpture with game-like interaction. The project explores

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Art in Helsinki

I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to a short Artist residency in Finland and Estonia. I will be working with the same artists I was working with in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in 2010. I will be working with them creating interactive video and sound using my

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