Telstra – Store Future


Back in 2014 just before I moved to Hong Kong I had the pleasure of working with some previous colleagues at DDB Tribal. Myself and another Creative Developer were asked to build a Kinect based activation for Telstra in Melbourne to celebrate the launch of the then new Samsung S3. The design brief was to use the Kinect to engage Telstra store visitors via a dance style game with 5 leves scores and breaks between. The acticvation also include a clountdown polar clock which I only helped a little on as I focused on the Kinect and game play. We didn’t manage to get much footage or imagery because the launch was post install, but here’s a few images.

I’m currently living and working in Hong Kong so if you have any Kinect style activation requirements contact fellow creative developer Clinton Francis at Occur . And big shout out to David Clarke ECD at DDB Trial Australia at the time and Pete Shand for the refereal.