GE Saudi Arabia (Imagination)

GE (General Electrics) have an Innovation Centre in Saudi Arabia to showcase all the amazing work and ideas happening in new energies. Imagination is an independent, creative communications agency that transforms business through creativity.

GE Saudi Arabia - Imagination

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I had the pleasure of working for Imagination Sydney in December 2012 and was part of a team that develooped the very well designed Interactive experience GE called an Innovation Centre. The centre was a purpose build building what covered over 300 square meters and two floors in the newly developed Technology Pard in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The centre involved 14 touch screen and digital displays with RFID and back end integration. I was responsible for some of the machines talking to each other using Sockets (OSC), RFID hardware integration along with some of the interactive experiences.

The Art Director on this was the visionary David Clark and Technical Director the ambitious Nash Trajkovski. Three other creative developers included Pete Shand, Stephen Beeson and Ben Spooner.

One of the main Designers responsible for the slick and colourful look and feel of the project was Chris Philips who’s experience in Flash was very helpful and enabled a smooth workflow from flat designs onto the touch screens.

This video shows the concept of the GE Innovation Centre in Saudi Arabia