• GE Innovation Centre Joburg South Africa

    Imagination was engaged to create and deploy the GE Joburg Innovation Centre. It consisted of a series of digital touch points. I was in charge of the...

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  • GE Oklahoma

    Imagination Asia was engaged to build the Oil and Gas Technology  Centre in Oklahoma USA. The work consisted of a huge video wall a tablet timeline ...

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  • Carlsberg Dali

    Imagination was engaged to build the Dali Innovation Centre. It consists of a series of interactive digital displays that show realtime data and infor...

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  • Hotel Jen Media Wall

    Hotel Jen is a funky new hotel by shangrila. We had to build a cms driven digital signage platform and 10 meter video wall. The technology used is Ang...

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  • Muskater Live Art – FuFu at Honi Honi

    I was asked by a friend if I would like to participate in a live art event at an event she helped organise by FuFu at Honi Honi in Hong Kong. I did 2 ...

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  • CinimaCliq – Electronic Museum 3

    I’m building a sound reactive VR experience for Electronic Museum 3 using Google Cardboard. The beauty is that the entry level for this experien...

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  • Muskater Platform Skater

    I’m building a platform skater mobile app. The app is the next instalment of my Muskater mummy skateboarder comic. Each chapter will unlock a se...

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  • CloudShip Choi Hung – Electronic Museum 2

    This was an artwork I created as part of a show with a group of other media artists I met while VJing in Hong Kong. Electornic Museum 1 & 2 both f...

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