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Sorted NSArray

Here’s a nice little code snipet to sort an array alphabetically where postTitle is the sorting selector. NSSortDescriptor *sortDescriptor = [[NSSortDescriptor alloc] initWithKey:@”postTitle” ascending:YES]; NSArray *sortDescriptors = [NSArray arrayWithObject:sortDescriptor]; NSArray *sortedArray; sortedArray = [tempPosts sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:sortDescriptors]; tempPosts = sortedArray

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Data visualistation sculpture

This appeared on Creative Applications today! A very effective interactive data vis sculpture that simply uses an iPad and bespoke iPad app. It represents the USA baseball season in review as an iPad as Interactive Data Sculpture. Season in Review – iPad as Interactive Data Sculpture

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HTML5 News

I found some interesting news in HTML technologies. is a communal coding platform that allows you to program, modify and share web code projects. The HTML5 standards are constantly being revealed and some notable new HTML5 technologies included here in this Hot Standards in Web article is great. Chrome

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Computer Vision

There are a number of outstanding new developements in computer vision. The Microsoft Kinect being the best value. However there are a fw alternatives including the Panasonic D-Imager, The Leap Motion and Google Research Goggles and Self Driving Car

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Top 5 Augmented Reality Libs

I have been building a few Augmented Reality apps recently and have had to test whats out there. I have come across a three main libraries that stand out. For me the top 5 Augmented Realuty libraries for mobile are: Vuforia (Qualcomm) Qualcomm for OF Aurasma String ARToolKit

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Heroku Cloud Computing and Rails

I have been working recently with Heroku and Ruby on Rails and have really enjoying it. The scalable cloud computing and git versioning of Heroku and the rapid prototyping and powerful framework of Rails is a very potent combination. So I thought I would share with you some resources I have found very helpful:

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I’ve been researching multi-user environments pr collaborative networks for a while now and theres a really great framework out there called and I had just found a bunch of really cool and useful multiuser sites. – real time collaborative drawing screen shots or blank canvas – collaborative

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I took a look at Node.JS a while back and was impressed but didn’t have the time to dive too deep into it. I have recently been drawn back to it from its use in a few recent projects I liked and talk by some colleagues of mine. It is

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FaceBook Heroku Cloud

For a while now FaceBook and Herokun (cloud server) have worked together to provide a quick and simple cloud service. Here is a tutorial on how to get up and running with FaceBook and Heroku.

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Noteworthy Mobile Device Technologies

I have been researching interesting new capabilities of mobile devices and have discovered some cool things I would like to share. Gesture Using Gestures on a phone would be cool… now you can do it with this JavaScript Library HTML Augmented Reality Using this open source library you can

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