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Git Branch Helper

I’ve been working at a company that is strict about version control with git. They use stash and work on branches. Heres how to crete work merg and push a branch # Start a new feature git checkout -b new-feature master # Edit some files git add git commit -m

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Useful Git Commands

Here is  a bunch of useful git commands Clones a repository into the current directory $ git clone  To get the latest commit $ git pull To add your updates to a repository $ git add . $ git commit -m ‘my updates’ $ git push To get a clean

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Remote Debugging for Chrome in Android

If you develop moblie sites then you need to remote debug. Chrome make this super easy by simply installing the Android Debugging Extension called ADB into you version 28 or later or Chrome and then enabling debugging on the device. It has been super handy for myself. For more information

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Jade Template Engine

I have recently been introduced to the amazing world of the Jade Temple Engine. For those fellow HTML developers out there this is a marvellous server side tool for templating HTML. I’m currently running it on a Heroku Node could server and am finding it great for cutting out boilerplate

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Express for Node

I’m learning the pitfalls and wonders of the the Express framework for Node.JS right now and thought I would share some examples of the framework in use to inspire oneself. Links from the express site

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Google Python Two Day Course

Want a quick python video tutorial? This one is perfect for that. Its PyQuick By Nick Parlante of Google.

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Chrome Desktop Apps

Chrome have recently created a new delivery system for their packaged apps. On top of apps that run as extensions in the browser and on Android OS, now you can create standalone apps that run on the desktop. The advantage of this is that you can package the apps and

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Ruby on Rails Update

To update Rails to the latest version first you have to ensure you have the latest version of Ruby. The easiest way to do this is is to use In terminal on OS X type. $ \curl -L | bash -s stable –ruby Then list available builds $

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The Internet of Things thermal printer from Ada Fruits is a fun little project to get your head around the awesome cheap single board computer Raspberry Pi. Learn to access it through shell and program it in Python. Learn more here:

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Migrating from Processing to OpenFrameworks

OpenFrameworks WIki is very helpful and resourceful for creative developers who use and that want something a little faster, more powerful and flexible. Its a site that explains the workings and logic of OpenFrameworks, the c++ creative code framework of many creative developers choice, and tell it in a

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