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ReactJS & Redux

I’ve been using ReactJS and have been liking it. Most of my HTML projects at work are build in AngularJS and they difference is pretty obvious. Once you get your head around ReactJS and its HTML/XML/JavaScript language or paradigm JSX your cooking with gas! It makes for very nice component based programming. The one problem I ran into was where to put my model. That was until I learnt about Redux at our Hong Kong Web Developers meetup.

We had Philippe Leefsma from Autodesk and specificly Autodesk Developer Network speak at out monthly Hong Kong Web Developers meet up and be introduced ReactJS and Redux.

If ReactJS is the View in the MVC web design pattern the Redux is the Model/Controller. Very easily redux manages and controls state in your projects adding scalable design.  In their repo they claim that Redux is a “predictable state container for JavaScript apps.” Redux is based on the concept of Flux which is Facebooks framework or concept for front end web development. They claim  Flux is an “Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces. Flux is the application architecture that Facebook uses for building client-side web applications”


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