Cinimacliq is a fractal based WebVR experience as part of the Electronic Museum 3 DJ event. Guests to the music event would be given the google cardboard VR goggles and scan the QR code. They would then be taken into a psychedelic wonderland of virtual reality. Initially the idea was to leverage the sound from the DJs and make a sound reactive VR experience but there are limitations to accessing the microphone through the browser in WebVR. The work uses a fractal algorythm called the Hopalong which was used as a music visualiser and is available on git hub
@borismus webvr-boilerplate for clean cross-platform WebVR @dghost hopalong-vr for the hopalong webvr port Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer which I found here @Iacopo Sassarini
Fractals & Hopalong
Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer These orbits are generated iterating this simple algorithm: (x, y) -> (y – sign(x)sqrt(abs(bx – c)), a -x ) where a, b, c are random parameters. This is known as the ‘Hopalong Attractor’. 3D rendering done with three.js and vrrenderer.js